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the fallout is lingering. senator yee is calling on the university to suspend him for at least one game. >> to allow a history professor to push a student as a learning
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lesson. this could be a basketball game, this is, still, part of the instructional program of the uc system. >> i want to win. i get involved. the kids, sometimes, don't realize how hard it is to win. >> that was the coach's comments after the game and he has apologized. cal has not commented on a suspension. >> students at uc santa cruz are warned of a rape that occurred over the weekend in the middle of campus near the classroom buildings. flyers are around campus and students are receiving text warnings from the police and ask for help in identifying the man who beat and rape add 21-year-old woman sunday afternoon. her attacker is described as a 2 hundred-pound stocky white man in his 30's with black hair, green eyes, and goatee at 5'
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10". >> what makes this feel different is it happened in the middle of the day. it involved -- the victim did not know the assailant. >> another violent attack occurred off campus on monday, a santa cruz senior was problemmed and shot while waiting in a bus stop on natural bridge drive. >> a man suspected of killing three during a drug deal is awaiting extradition from alabama to the bay area. police arrested the 46-year-old last thursday during a traffic stop in mobile, alabama. investigators say the colorado man was involved in february 5 shooting of three men near forestville. authorities say the victims intended to buy a large quantity of marijuana because the deal was botched. the sheriff deputies have been in colorado collecting evidence. >> caltrain service is expected to return to normal after a man was killed on the tracks last
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night. a freight train was running on the corridor and it struck the man at a crossing around 9:30. two trains were delayed for an hour but were moved to a single track to go around the scene. >> a livermore mother who served time in prison for having sex with underage boys is back in jail. the 44-year-old was sentenced to five years in prison in 2010 and was called "hummer mom" for the s.u.v. she used for her sexual encounters and arrested friday in hayward for parole violation. authorities have not said what she did to get arrested or when she was out of prison but is held in jail with no option for bail. >> this morning the city of san francisco and giants have plans for a major re-development project south of at&t park focusing on pier 48 which stands next to at&t park's main parking lot. the chronicle reports that anchor braking will build a restaurant and museum with production and distribution
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facility. the project will quadruple the output from 120,000 to 600,000 of barrels of beer a year. our reporter will have more on the economic impact of the project in the next half hour. >> ski resort operators expect up to 1.5' of snow on the mountains and many students are on winter break, ski week. skiers and snow board others who spent the holiday weekend in the mountains were able to cruise along on the 12' of snow that fell in december freshened by layers of man made snow they described conditions as firm. that is accurate, i was there, without a significant amount of new snow but that is expected to change going into this weekend. saturday it was very warm so it was never icy. you wished this was more stuff and more friend stuff. >> the "stuff" is on the way. mike? >> a foot new "stuff."
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a little bit of snow will fall up there shortly in the sierra. if you can get there now, it is better. the longer you wait through the day it will be worse. live doppler 7 hd shows zooming on down from point reyes toward novato toward petaluma you can see right there we have wet weather, and 121 and 16 and toward 37 so watch out in all those areas from sonoma to napa this is where this is headed. the initial line is moving more toward the east than toward the south so it will stay in the north bay for the better part of the next hour. if you don't live in the north bay, dress for temperatures running right now at 43 in los gatos and 44 in fremont and 43 in concord and antioch and livermore and 50 in oakland and as we head into the afternoon hours, notice the temperatures do not change much, we are mainly in the upper 40's to low
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50's with more showers on the way and .25 to .5" is possible today. >> we are getting first reports in castro valley of an accident in the median, eastbound 580 with no significant slowing and it is the reverse commute so we will keep our eye on this with first report of the accident in the castro valley area eastbound 580. if you are headed out of antioch, looking good moving toward pittsburg and highway 242 at 15 minutes and the drive from the central valley is at the limit with no delays here. kristen and eric? >> thank you. it could be the biggest heists of its kind while you were sleeping the daring $50 million caper pulled off by a team of bull bandits. >> gymnasts and skiers do it and now an attempt of a back flip in a car.
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did he hit the landing? first the tech bytes this morning. >> in today's tech bytes pointing the finger at china, a security firm can tie the recent attacks on united states businesses and government agencies to the chinese army. the company has traced hacking tabling in shanghai used by an army unit. samsung has the lead in cell phones and will announce the next version of their top vice next week the galaxy giving the iphone a run for the money. there are 14 billion web pages on the intent they are all connected. a physicist claims any one page is only separated by any other by 19 clicks or fewer. the search engines and sites that collect news
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>> san rafael, south bay, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning.
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hope you had a nice long weekend. this is a live picture of the san mateo bridge with traffic moving fine. it does not appear to be raining just yet. when will the rain hit the bay? it could be during the height of the commute. >> a daring heist out of belgium. police are looking for eight men who made off with a staggering $50 million worth of diamonds in the biggest heists in history. it happened at the brussels international airport. the masked men cut a hole if a security fence, drove on to the tarmac and stole the precious gems from the hold of a swiss plane. police later found the torched van not very far from the airport and they are combing over it looking for clues. >> the coast guard has released the preliminary findings in the cause of a fire that crippled the cruiseship. officials say the fire started with a leak in a fuel oil return
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line connected to one of the generators. a fire broke out in the engine room knocking out power to the entire ship. more than 4,000 passengers and crew were stranded in the gulf of mexico with no air conditioning. or working plumbing. for five days. it was towed to alabama on thursday night. the winners of the academy awards are not announced until sunday but they named lunchy movie fans -- lucky movie fans with the best seats in town. >> these seats get you up close and personal with the biggest stars, 700 tickets are very hard to come by. >> i hear someone screaming. >> ask movie fan and his wife. >> if i get a kiss from george clooney i am not sharing it. >> the couple won two tickets through the online lottery.
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is a lucky year. >> i have never won anything. >> seats have been awarded to fans. >> you are going to the oscar red carpet during the first ever oscar road trip. remember "when harry met sally." yes, yes, yes! it was reenacted so well in new york, she and her husband won beecher seats and a fan who blame the best rocky impression in philadelphia. >> going to hollywood. >> fantastic. >> the bleacher creatures are now connecting through facebook and sharing their personal stories. >> i have watched the oscars as long as i can remember and my mother was a movie fan. you. have a chance to win bleacher tickets to next year when the entry opens up again this fall. >> the oscars are a few days away and abc7 is the only place
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to watch the academy awards. the back stage pass features gives you the best access with streaming video on the app and from the red carpet and oscars app is available for iphone, ipad, and droid and kindle fire. >> this belongs in the movies, a stunt driver pulled off the first back flip in a car. take a look, this is a heart-stopping moment as he performed the incredible 360 back flip. dare devil. a 25' high ramp he races to in a special mini at 37 miles per hour. he hit the pipe and took off soaring 75' into the air and flipping the car successfully a full 360-degrees backward with the right tires, the right
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suspension and the 37 miles per hour was crucial. >> yes, they put out the parameters. but what will happen next, right, james bond movie. you have to see that stunt in a james bond movie. >> wouldn't want to do crazy car stunts in the rain as it arrives. >> be careful. now, what is going on outside. here we go with our storm watch, we are getting a decent chance of rain possibly quarter to .5", with a few showers we talked about yesterday in sonoma and marin county and north of that toward mendocino county getting wet weather. we have mainly dry conditions but for outside of the north bay or inside the north bay and you can see the low clouds could cause flight arrival delays at sfo but that is it. beautiful picture of the bay bridge and the lights, and they are twinkleing.
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the light show is good. 47 in san francisco and 50 in oakland, and 41 no novato and 44 in santa cruz and 45 in livermore. we also are looking at continues that will be this afternoon wet as you can see and even lightning is possible, with small hail out of this system as the rain is arriving by this morning, chance of thunder and the snow is down to possibly 2,000 feet. we do have a winter weather advisory above 2,000' or above 2,500', with a couple of inches of snow including diabolo and mount hamilton. the cold front is coming our way and it does fault have much moisture but it does not take much to squeeze out quarter to half an inch and a couple of is of snow higher up. on the back side of this system it will be cool the next couple
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of days. at 7:00 you can see the steady rain in the north bay. by 8:00 or 9:00, it is in the bay and starting to move toward the south bay where it will push through at hunch. on the back side of that you can see a few scattering of showers in the afternoon and evening hours. the best chance of those is over the ocean. overnight the temperatures will drop as you look at the clouds leader out and we will have some frost in our inland valleys tomorrow in the upper 20's to low 30's and the rest of us wake up to mid-30's to low 40's and you can see the slow warming trend with 60's back by thursday and friday and more 60's sunday and monday. so, the worst of the wet weather is not here yet but toward the end of the commute it will start moving. sue, how is the commute? >> good morning, everyone, this is a good window to get out as mike mentioned, not really raining too much in the san jose area, and this is northbound 280 by the 17 overcrossing, very light conditions, and dry roads
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so far so good. to the macarthur maze if you are traveling from 580 or 880, everything is flowing smootly and no problems, and an accident in the median in castro valley, eastbound, 580 fault blocking a lane there before the bridge. if you are headed out this morning, it is 4:49. kristen and eric? >> san rafael city council will vote on whether to enter into a one-year program to help homeless people find work and rebuild their lives. the marin reports that the $272,000 contract with the downtown streets team a nonprofit. council members say participants are paid to pickup liter and keep the city blocks clean and a team of 12 help beauty tie downtown san rafael. >> there is a public hearing on a plan to ban plastic bags. the meeting takes place at 7:00 at the downtown library on
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middle field road and city officials plan to vote on march 11 whether to require shoppers to use re-useable bags or pay ten cents for paper bags. if approveed the ban goes in effect on earth day. most cities have similar bans in place. >> just imagine for a moment having to drive in this, coming up, the challenge commuters are facing in the upper midwest. >> big announcement from nissan over new technology.
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>> president obama is holding a white house event this morning to call on congress to avert automatic budget cuts to take effect in ten days, the $85 billion takes place march 1, rutting in the fur lower of federal workers by april and
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state and local government could lose federal funding and the president is pushing for blend of spending cuts and new taxes but republicans say new taxes should not be included. abc7 news anchor will travel to washington, dc, for an interview with president obama. dan will talk with the president at white house tomorrow in live reports from washington, dc, starting this evening at 5:00 right here on abc7 news. >> hillary clinton is about do go on the speaking of circuit, stepping down in february as secretary of state and now hired an agency that handles her husband to represent her in lining up speaking engagements and will earn well into six figures for each speech. former president clinton has made $89 million in speaking fees since leaving office 12 years ago. >> we are in for some rain here and other states are dealing with wicked weather. a strong line of storms moved across arkansas knocking out power to thousands, severe weather is hitting eastern north
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dakota where whiteout conditions. drivers are told to stay off the roads in fargo and grand forks with winds up to 36 miles per hour mixed with snow are causing zero visibility. of course, the roads you do not want to be on. >> the temperatures match the snow up in. mike, we have rain on the way? >> of course, in the sierra we may have winter advisories. >> absolutely. for the sierra and our mountains here where we will get a couple of inches of snow in the highest elevation. we have just rain in most of this not reaching the ground but a few sprinkles are possible in the north bay and this initial line is moving from west to east, more so than northwest to south so we have to wait on the cold front which is to the north to slide to the south and that will happen in a couple of hours from now so the bulk of the rain will stay in the north bay the next couple of hours.
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in the north you can see the mixture of rain and mountain snow and notice how this is moving to the south. you can see the cold front developing right there. fur traveling around the state, you can see a lot of snow up north and throughout the sierra. it will be a tough go up there. the snow will hang around throughout the early evening, headed down south you will be chased by the rain and it will make it down south this afternoon with temperatures in the 50's around long as and san diego and 32 with snow in tahoe. >> right now we have chain requirements on highway 50 and highway 80. i checked the cla tran, no snow is falling so maybe just ice and wind in advance of the storm. castro valley they requested a flatbed tow truck for the accident in the median eve -- east 580. crews are reconfiguring the commute for the golden gate bridge with four lanes in the southbound direction and traffic is light here now. kristen and eric?
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>> these son plans to open a research center in silicon valley to develop self driving cars. like google has been testing the technology if years in the bay area. nissan will most current resources from japan to sunnyvale five miles from google headquarters. nissan c.e.o. believes self driving cars will not be feasible in the united states this will 2020 because of legal and technological hurdles. >> the horse meat food scandal centered in britain and ireland is growing and nestle is removing beef meals from shelfs in italy and spain after traces of horse d.n.a. were found. the food giant is were toking the sale of frozen meat to catering businesses in france. nestles said the beef was supplied by a german company. horse meat has found its way into ready to eat meals across europe in a meat mislabeling scandal that has shaken the food industry. >> a study finds women do worse than men after hip replacement
4:56 am
surgery. kaiser permanente researchers in southern california looked at 35,000 case and found women have a slightly higher risk of implant failure because of dislocation. it doesn't matter what type of device was implanted. women are more likely to need a second surgery. him implants are designed to relieve pain related to arthritis or injury. >> a storm system is moving into the bay area. how much rain will we get? mike nicco is tracking the storm with live doppler 7 hd. >> a warning going out to women on the uc santa cruz campus. >> and "good morning america" >> and "good morning america" robin roberts makes the [ woman ] don't forget the yard work!
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citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good tuesday morning. our time is 5:00. look behind us, the beautiful bay lights are installed but no rain yet. >> where is it? here is mike. >> live doppler 7 hd is picking up the radar runs, but so far no ground rain. if you see rain let us know on facebook or twitter and i will pass it on. right now the reporting stations are saying nothing is reaching the ground. as we zoom in, it looks like light rain around napa and around redwood road to four corners to lakeville highway we have wet weather across novato

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